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NIOC Norfolk is the Officer in Charge for NIOC San Diego.

NIOC Norfolk did NOT see any merit in the Article 138 Complaint of Wrongs that I submitted against my NIOC San Diego Commanding Officer.

I NEVER withdrew the Article 138 against NIOC San Diego Commanding Officer.

I had requested and went on the USS Pinckney [RIMPAC] where I received a letter of appreciation from the Commanding Officer of that ship. 

I made it known to everyone that I wanted to PCS to a ship and even paid $1200 of my own money for a round-trip plane ticket to go overseas to a ship that was offering a training opportunity for two months.  NIOC San Diego C.O. refused to let me go.

I was asking to go on temporary duty slots on ship's because of the Writable Media Issue I talk about on this web site.

I was refused Re-enlistment and had my Security Clearance taken by NIOC San Diego Commanding Officer.

NIOCnorfolk is under NETWARCOM

NAVIOCOM Norfolk Whistleblower
NAVIOCOM Norfolk Whistleblower

NETWARCOM Whistleblower
NETWARCOM Whistleblower

NAVIOCOM San Diego Whistleblower
NAVIOCOM San Diego Whistleblower

Navy Information Operations Command, San Diego WHISTLEBLOWER